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Why would a 5-star rated, luxury brokerage allow Sellers to choose their commission?

This concept is really the culmination of the two anchors of, our Owner/Broker, Gen Distance’s business mantra:

Sound common sense meets outstanding 5-star rated customer service.

This is a rapidly changing real estate sales environment.  In the recent past, it was normal to have a home marketed for a year, if not longer.  Brokers could certainly justify higher commissions then.  Now, most homes are selling in 30 days or less. 

Is it fair to have a Seller pay full commission when the days on market are minimal?  Gen says, "No."

Home prices are increasing at rates which we have never before seen.  In many cases commissions have doubled due to the rapid increase in home values.  As a company which makes its living based on the sales price, we are thrilled by the increase in the market.  But, as a company which truly values our clients, we always put their needs above our own.  Outstanding customer service is never second to our profit margin.

Is it fair to ask a Seller to pay $200,000 when mere months ago the commission would have been $100,000?  Gen says, "No."

There must be a time when we all win, a time when good old fashioned values win over greed.  Our company maintains a level of compassion for and understanding of our clients' needs in this rapidly changing "new normal" sales environment.  We are 5-star rated for a reason.

Regardless of your property's value or which commission plan you choose, Gen and her Sell. Save. Move. team will treat you with respect and your home's sale with care by delivering top level marketing, expertise, and 5-star rated service.

5-star Rated Luxury Broker 
+ Outstanding Marketing
+ Flexible Commission Plans
= Choice Without Compromise


Gen Distance is the Owner/Broker of GEN Next Real Estate, a “5-star Rated” Independent Brokerage, and its cutting-edge subsidiary Sell. Save. Move.

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